Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Build a Good Affiliate Marketing Blog

Your blog has many potentials to make revenue streams for you if you build it in the correct way. One of the keys to understanding affiliate marketing is to realize that it takes time to develop your blog to the point where you'll make money from it. This process doesn't happen over night and in many cases it can take a year or more. There are many great books about blogs and blogging which can help you learn all the ins and outs of blogging for income or just for fun. One way many people turn their blogs into income affiliate streams is by developing a blog around a nice topic.

Niche Topic

What is a niche topic or niche marketing? A niche is a very targeted way of increasing the traffic to your blog because. If you think of the topic "shoes" for example. Let's say you want to make an affiliate blog about shoes. Well, shoes is a HUGE topic and the Internet is saturated with sites about just shoes. But let's say you write about just "men's steel toe construction boots." Now you have a blog that is very targeted and you can drive more affiliate sales. This works because you are focusing on just men's steel toe construction boots yet it is a huge market. This is an example of niche marketing and it works because of the way it targets traffic. Since the Internet has so many sites you need to find that traffic and a niche can do just that. Use the keywords Men's steel toe boots or whatever you're building a  part of your SEO strategy for the search engines when you buy your domain name. Of course this is just an example, and you'll have to find free keywords for your website title.

Blog Design Tips

Whether you're building a new blog or designing a website there are some simple rules that can make your site stand out and help you rive affiliate sales. Keep your advertising to a minimum and put it to one side of your site so it doesn't impede the readability of your website or blog. You don't want to spam your visitors with advertising because they won't click on your links.

Make natural ads by reviewing products or comparing two or more products on your website or blog. This  kind of writing provides valuable information for your visitors and gives them some incentive to click on advertisements out of natural curiosity about the product in question because you have given them valuable information. When people are looking for information they are close to buying a product but they want to know more. If you provide them that information your affiliate link then gives them an incentive to make that purchase.

 Finding a Blog Provider

For your first blog you might want to try Google's blogger since it allows you to use Adsense and generate additional revenue for your site. Having a blogger blog also makes it easier to get approved for the Adsense program if you're not already a member. Word Press is another option and this often comes with many web hosting programs as a plug-in you can use. Both are fairly simple to operate and have attractive templates for your first blogging attempts. Apply for a domain name in the future when you're ready to do some niche affiliate marketing.

Provide Content For Your New Affiliate Blog

Your content is what matters, be sure to provide it to your readers. All the advertising in the world won't matter if you one cares about what you have to say. A blog can have great success if it provides value to the users and you can then monetize it with affiliate marketing and have a revenue income source for years to come.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Freelance Writing for oDesk

oDesk is a great way for freelancers to makes some money online. The site has all types of jobs and you can hire people to work for you too. For example, if you need some web programming or web design done on your site you can hire someone there to do it for you. If you have those skills yourself you can hire yourself out and make some quick cash.

The site does have rules and you'll need to take some Odesk qualification tests so the person or company hiring you knows you have the skills to get the job done. There are over 340 tests you can take on the site to prove your skills to potential employers.

Odesk offers a wide range of writing jobs that can bring you quick income or a steady income. If the employer likes your work they may have more projects for you. oDesk is well worth writing for if you're looking for daily jobs in writing or have other marketable skills.