Saturday, January 21, 2012

Write For Wizzley

Is Wizzley the New Hubpages?

Hubpages appears to be going down-hill with the recent Panda update and many author there are complaining of articles that are being completely lost in the search engines. Some authors have gone from making hundreds of dollars to next to nothing with their writing on the site. Writers are looking to other venues for their writing and this is where the new writing site Wizzley comes in.

Write For Wizzley

Why should you write for Wizzley? This site has only been around since May of 2011 but it offers a lot of features that other content sites just don't. First of all you have complete control over your layout and it looks much better than Hubpages. You can add Amazon, Zazzle stores, tables, images, Google maps, change the background, add polls, and a whole host of other options that other sites don't support or only have some of these options. Adsense is supported or you can use Chitika if you don't have an Adsense ID.

If you know code you can and html style code to change the color of tables, or add borders to make things stand out. Wizzley is a complete publishing platform for those tired of Hubpages or similar sites. The site is new so it will take time for the site to move up in the search engines but many people are reporting very good page ranks on Goggle for their articles. Write for Wizzley and get in on the ground floor of this publishing platform.

Your articles get their own URL title so they will be found easily by Goggle and have the potential to rank well with your chosen keywords. I think this site is well worth checking on. Write for Wizzley today.

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