Friday, June 10, 2011

Write Then Edit

When you write you will make errors and you’ll need to fix grammar, spelling and other typos. Writers can struggle during this process spending too much time editing and not enough time writing the article or story until it’s done.

When Writing Books

When you are writing a book you should focus your efforts into writing the book. Don’t worry about errors just get your thoughts onto the computer screen and write the book. Don’t dwell over passages or dialogue since this just wastes valuable writing time. Stay focused on your writing until it’s done and then go back and look it over. Reading your work before it’s done will lead to frustration and you’ll be tempted to write slowly and nitpick at yourself. Spend time away from your book and go back once you’re fresh to edit it.  Work on it until you are satisfied with it but at some point you’ll have to submit it. It most likely will come back if accepted and need more work so be prepared for it.

Writing Online

If you write online you’ll see both great writing and articles that are poor. Your job is to make your articles great with some proper editing. Writing online can make your writing sloppy since your not working with an editor in most cases. Write your article until it is done then go back and edit it to fix errors and make sure the article or story reads well. Just remember that many people may read your work so do your best to present the best article you can when you submit it to the online world.


Write out your article, story, or book before you decide to edit it. You’ll accomplish more writing if you don’t stop all the time to edit things. Get the thoughts out onto the screen and then be an editor. You’ll save yourself time and get more writing done in the process.

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