Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Parts of A Great Article

A great article has three key parts to it and while it might seem simple, it can confuse many writers. Learning how to construct a proper beginning, middle, and ending to your article can make your work stand out from the average article.

The Beginning

The introduction to your article often called “the lead” gives your reader an incentive to keep reading your article. What is in it for the reader to view your article? Your introduction is usually short and to the point but makes, people want to keep reading. The whole idea is to hook the reader into your article. In magazine and newspaper, writing the hook or lead is very important since the reader has other material to choose from in the publication. The last thing you want to do is bore your reader or send them to another article. With online writing, the introduction might be very simple. It’s up to the writer to decide exactly how they want to approach their lead or hook.

The Middle

In the middle of the article, the writer gets down to work and explains what they are trying to say. The middle should contain the key points of the article and fully describe each point. Move from point to point and don’t ramble on when you are writing as you might do if speaking, since this will only confuse your reader. Make sure you include the proper names, dates, data and other information in the middle of your article and that it’s accurate. The middle of the article can have headings but often this isn’t necessary. When writing online it’s sometimes nice to have headings since reading tend to skim over articles and headings will make them stop at the key points they re interested in. The middle typical has a few paragraphs but don’t make it too long either. Write in terms ordinary people can understand unless the article is very technical and you’re only trying to reach that audience. Don’t use shortcuts without fully explaining what they are. So for example if you put something like LOL in your article make sure you write out (laughing out loud) so the next time your reader comes across it in the article the person knows what you’re talking about.

The Conclusion or Ending

You should end your article with a bit of a summary covering the key points in the article or send your reader to find other information on the subject which is helpful when online writing since you can link to some of your other work and keep the person reading your material. The ending isn’t as important as the beginning or middle of the article but provides a conclusion so the reader doesn’t expect anything else.

Write Great Articles

You can write great articles with a beginning, middle and ending. Make sure your beginning has a hook or lead and flesh out the bulk of the article in the middle section. The conclusion should summarize the article and end it. With hard work you’ll be creating articles on a daily basis that are easy to read and keep readers coming back for more.

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