Friday, June 10, 2011

Improving Your Online Articles

The Internet has opened up many opportunities for writers. As the web continues to grow there is a demand for written content and a writer can find work in many areas. Online writing requires a writer to make articles that are well written and of high quality. Since anyone can write on the Internet these points are often overlooked. There are several ways a writer can improve their writing online.
Writing Shorter Articles
Articles online are generally shorter than the average article found in regular print. You need to take larger articles and compact them to fit into websites, blogs and other sites. Articles should fit on one screen, yet contain all the necessary information. You will find larger articles if they are highly technical in nature, but most online writing will be short and to the point. A short article will grab the addition of readers online and publishers may even buy the article from you if it is good.
Check Your Spelling and Grammar
Most word processors have spell checkers so there’s no excuse for spelling errors in online writing. Take time to go over the article in your word processor using the spell checker and then again with your eye to pick out additional errors the spell checker missed. You should do this multiple times before submitting your work to the online world. A thesaurus can be helpful to change words and make the article more appealing and for variety in your article. For some articles you may need to repeat keywords and use SEO so the article can be picked up by search engines. If your article is for a client, make sure you know exactly what they want before you write.
Go over your article and look for any errors involving names, dates, and places. These common mistakes the spell checker won't pick up, it’s up to you. Be sure to double check arithmetic data for accuracy. If you quote any sources get the proper website address, email and other contact information.  Be sure to go over your article at least twice before you submit it.
Improve your writing with organization. Create folders on your computer for topics, keep contact lists, and set up reminders for what you need to accomplish in a day. Make backups of your materials so you don't lose work when your computer malfunctions. An external hard drive is perfect for this purpose.
Online writing can keep you busy and earn you money. Keep your articles short, check each article for accuracy, and other errors. Keep your writing organized and most importantly just write.

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