Monday, June 13, 2011

Improving Your Articles Part II

You can write better articles with some simple steps. Take the time to make your writing the best it can be.

Your Knowledge

One of the easiest ways to make better articles is to write about what you have knowledge in. Everyone has some sort of talent and it’s only fitting to write about things you are good at or have fun doing. You may be a gardener, guitar player, or like to fix things. Take your knowledge about these topics and turn them into articles or short stories. When you come up with new ideas make a list of them on your computer so you can draw from them when your stuck with not having anything to write about.


If you’re going to write you need to read all the time, especially when novel writing. You need to know as much about your genre as possible so read popular works. If you’re doing articles make sure to research topics fully to gain a batter understanding of the topic. This process will help you with magazine writing. When you’re not writing you should be reading something to gent an insight into how other authors approach various topics or stories.

Write All The Time

Your writing will improve if you are always writing. Look back at some of your early works and see how far you have come along. Write out a book, do more articles, create short stories, just keep the writing process going. Over time you’ll improve and it will show up in your work. You can’t become a great writer without actually working on the craft of writing.  Plan to write each and every day and keep it going week after week.

It's a  Job

Improve your writing by treating it as a job. Get u at a set time and sit down to write or if you work, plan to write after work. Take the time to treat writing as a job and you'll accomplish more. This will improve your writing over time since you're putting in the same effort you would for a regular job. Set yourself deadlines such as writing x number of words per day and work towards that goal.

Get Training

Take a writing course to improve your overall writing skills. Go for grammar classes, story writing, or just general writing classes. You don't have to spend a fortune just take the time to get additional training in writing  it will make you better and you'll learn more about the craft in general.

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