Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eliminate Writer Procrastination

Some writers have a difficult time writing and put assignments on the side and leave them to the last minute.  A writer can suffer procrastination with their work and not produce what is required for them to succeed.

It’s Not Writer's Block

Procrastination when it comes to writing is not the same thing as writer’s block. When you have writers block you can’t come up with ideas even when you want to write. With writers procrastination you have those ideas in your head but keep putting off your writing in and do other activities.

Writing Fear

Part of your writer's procrastination is a fear of writing and not creating anything you think is good enough. Part of being writer is to accept rejection because it happens to all writers even established ones. Sit down and just start writing, about whatever is in your head and don’t worry about what is on the page. Just the process of writing can help you clear your mind and actually want to write more.

Get Organized

If you have a plan about your writing you have something you can be working on and not wasting time. Don't allow yourself to get distracted when you write. This is easy to do with television, the Internet, and cell-phones. Close your office door and turn off anything has the potential to distract you. Let your family know that you plan to write and tell them to leave you alone unless it is absolutely necessary to bother you.


Focus on your work and not the other things that are distracting you. To be a writer you have to actually write without fear of the result. Sit down and start the process of getting thoughts out of your head.

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