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How You Can Make Money Writing

  • Are you a single  parent who's looking for part-time work for extra money?
  • Are you a college student who needs a convenient way to earn some cash?
  • Do you love to share your knowledge of your work or favorite hobbies?
  • Do you despise your current job situation and desire a way to tell the boss goodbye forever?
You CAN Earn Unlimited Money Online Getting Paid to Write Articles!

It's easier than you might think to get paid for writing articles online. You really only need a computer, a topic to write about and a desire to earn extra money online. You can make money writing in your spare time or even turn it into a career.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

How To Start Your Own Home Based Writing Jobs Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own Internet business? Did you know home based writing jobs is a good way to do this?

1. First of all you can submit articles to content sites such as Associated Content,, and Helium and make money from them. There are website such as this that will you pay you by the article or article views.

2. Let people know you are a freelance writer at sites like eLance. You can actually build your own client list over time just from customers you find. is another soruce of writing income that is becoming popular.

3. Write ebooks and sell affiliate products in them. now reports that more people are buying digital ebooks than hard copy books.

People love to pay for information that solves their problems. Writing targeted ebooks and selling affiliate products in them is a good way to stay at home and make money writing.

4. Start your own blog. As a matter of fact you can write for multiple blogs and make money. Create content blogs and monetize it with Google Adsense. Every time one of your readers clicks on an ad you make money from Google.

This can turn into a tremendous amount of money on a daily basis. Developing a virtual empire of blogs is something many writers end up doing.

Learning how to mix in content that you write with automated content streams allows you to develop hundreds of blogs earning you money every day.

5. Write for other bloggers. If you enjoy writing and letting people know you are available this can be a full time job very quickly. Starting your own blog for sample content is a good way to get started. A way for customers to order articles from you is by setting up a PayPal account.

6. Write article marketing articles. Many are marketers want to do article marketing, but do not like to write their own articles. This gives you an opportunity to provide a very high in demand writing service.

This type of work is never boring because of the variety of websites and blogs that need to be promoted on the Internet. If you want to take it a step further you can even offer to do the submissions which allows you to offer something total different than every other writer is providing.

These are several ways you can start your own home-based writing jobs business. Because you can do it around your own schedule this type of work is popular.

It doesn't take any certain education level to get started. The demand is going to only increase and the opportunity to make money writing at home is outstanding.
About The Author
Suzanne Morrison is the owner of an internet business ideas website that teaches average people how to make money with article writing. For the best legitimate home business ideas anyone can make money with visit it today!

5 Powerful Article Writing Tips

Writing articles is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful methods of building your reputation and your online business. Not only do you get unlimited exposure, but it is fre^e as well!
If your article is well-written, you will probably get listed on numerous websites as well as in several ezines. This will establish you as someone who knows what they are talking about and will more than likely bring you many visitors and subscribers.
People will start to come to you when they need information or products or advice. This is a great way of establishing your online presence.
Writing articles is not as hard as you may think. You do not have to be a professional writer to produce an effective article. Below are some tips to help you get started.
1. Don't worry about big fancy words.
People are looking for easy to understand, down-to- earth articles to help them learn. They are not interested in being impressed with encyclopedia language skills.
2. Advertise in your resource box, not the article.
Do not use you article as a big sales letter for a product or program. Give your info in the resource box. I would recommend you just try to get people to sign up for your newsletter or free report/ecourse in your resource box. Save the selling for later.
3. Make yourself accessible if someone wants to get in touch with you.
People want to know that they can get in touch with you if they have questions about your article, website, etc. Always make it easy for them to find you.
4. Provide basic, real, useful information as well as resources to go along with the info.
When writing your article, try to list some useful resources that your readers can utilize along with the information you give them. This will further give people a reason to want to stay in touch with you or your website.
5. Write from the heart!
Do not be afraid to let your personality shine through in your writing. This will make people more apt to trust you and will also make them more comfortable. Write as if you were talking to a friend and let the real you shine through. I think people appreciate this more than trying to sound like something you are not!
Do not let your doubts stop you from writing articles to build your reputation and your business. I did for awhile, but then took the plunge. My first article did surprisingly well and yours can as well! ;-)
About The Author
Terri Seymour owns and operates
Learn to publish and promote your own ezine.
Sign-up for the FR~E MOE Ezine Publishing Ecourse
You can contact Terri at

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SEO article writing 101

SEO writing is very different from content writing, article writing, story writing and news writing. When I first realized my innate talent for writing stuff and putting thoughts into words, I was still reading Mills and Boons, and it was during this time that my romance storybooks were confiscated by my classroom teacher because I was reading in class.

Writing is a very personal thing, I discovered. Some people have the talent for writing creative stuff. Some people have the talent for writing ads. Some write excellent factual stuff. Well, I fall into the factual stuff category. The boring-writing-technical-mumbo-jumbo writing stuff. How I fit into this category, I don’t know.

Well, SEO article writing is very much like that. First, you decide what topic or keyword that you want. For instance, you’re selling decorative lamps, right? in the article writing process, list down ‘decorative’ and ‘lamps’. Then think about other words that relates to ‘decorative’ and ‘lamps’…words that people use all the time to describe them. This is a very important part of  article writing because these are common words that your potential site visitors will use to find you.

How about ‘light’, ‘bright’, ‘pretty’, ‘lighting’?

Ok, now your SEO article writing keywords are:- decorative, lamps, light, bright, pretty and lighting, right? So, on to the article writing process. First you write everything that you need to write down first. Beef up the article. As a general rule of thumb, articles should be no less than 300 words and no more than 500 words. Any more than that, you’re wasting your writing a novel for your article. Read through the article now and replace words and reword sentences to fit in those keywords. Yes, you’ll have to restructure some the SEO keywords here and there, but do it anyway.

Make sure the sentences make sense, ok? Because although the search engines won’t know bad grammar from good grammar, your site visitors will. And most of them, site visitors who visit your website based on those keywords DO mind the bad grammar. And once you turn them away, it’s almost impossible to bring them back!

The final step to search engine optimization article writing is…..proofread your article and make sure they flow. The problem with article writing is that your thoughts might come in buckets….a splash here and a splash there. So, during the SEO article proofreading process, you’ll have to make sure one paragraph flows on to the next.

Good luck!

Source: Free Articles from


Marsha Maung is a freelance graphic designer and copy writer who works from home. She designs apparel and premium items at and is the author of "Raising little magicians", and the popular "The Lance in freelancing". More information can be found at

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Article Writing Tips

Writing articles and submitting them to publishing sites or buyers looking to promote a product can be a great way to make some extra money while working from home. However, in order for an article to bring any real attention to the buyer, or any real money for the writer, the article needs to be well constructed. The article also has to reach numerous people and needs to avoid many of the problems that plague a poorly written article, which pepper the internet with their mediocrity. There are a few simple guides anyone can follow to ensure a high quality article almost every time they sent down to write.

The first thing to consider is article writing software. While Microsoft Word or even Notepad may be acceptable to many people who are just looking to write for personal use, targeting an audience and ensuring keyword densities mean that a writing tool specifically designed to perform these tasks is almost necessary. Article writing software, even some free versions, come with many tools that other writing software does not. Only good article writing software will ensure strong keywords and appropriate density every time.

In addition to writing software, many people use article spinners as well. These can transform old articles into content that will not be penalized as duplicate products by search engines. Since search engines are the primary method of gaining traffic for many articles, a good article spinner can turn one article into several, which all draw in traffic. A good article spinner will also ensure articles are grammatically correct and readable, not just unique. If an article appears written by a program, it is less likely to be effective than the original.

The primary disadvantage most people come across when they try to use article marketing to promote themselves or their product is that they just do not know how to write a successful article. Even a person with a large vocabulary and good spelling and grammar skills may not be able to write an article that is convincing or engaging. Finding a good article writer can be difficult as well. With many people looking to make money working from home, it is not uncommon to come across people who write generic articles or even copy someone else's work.

Avoiding these mistakes is crucial for anyone looking to use articles to market their product. While it may be useful to have article writing software and to build more articles using an article spinner, it can still be a daunting task for someone who is not a writer to try to create their own articles. Knowing what to look for and what to avoid is critical for someone who wants to successfully market their work. Purchasing a training manual will not only help a person write better articles, but it will help them learn what to look for in a good article. A training manual will ensure the best possible chance of successfully using articles to market on the internet.

About The Author
If you are looking for more information on how to succeed using article marketing to increase your internet marketing profits you should check out the information pages here for article marketing tactics and look at these tips on article writing to help you get the edge. 

Improve The Quality Of Your Writing In Less Than 60 Seconds

Writing is not really an art. It is a craft – and you can learn a craft. Follow these four techniques to improve the quality of your writing, no matter what type of writing you do.

Writing Tip #1: After you run your spell checking software, go back and re-read your writing. Few people are good spellers, which is why so many of us rely on spell checking software. Unfortunately, spell checkers have their own flaws and sometimes flag silly errors. For example, the words "form" and "from" are both good, legitimate words. But if you wrote a business letter that said, "We took $200 form your checking account to cover the payment," most spell checkers won't catch that oversight. Yet this simple typo changed the meaning of the sentence. Spell checkers are a convenience; they are neither authoritative nor foolproof, so don’t rely on them. Always read through your writing at least once after you spell check -- and keep a dictionary handy.

Writing Tip #2: Use that famous "KISS" principle for your punctuation. You know the rule, don't you? "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Apply this rule to punctuation. If you don't know how or when to use a semicolon, then avoid semicolons; you'll only display ignorance if you get it wrong. In keeping with that KISS principle, limit your use of commas. Far too many people use far too many commas. Just because a sentence is long does not mean it needs a comma. Well-placed commas make reading easier. Commas thrown in simply to break up words are incorrect and distracting. Another important rule of punctuation is to avoid using exclamation marks, almost always. If your choice of words, sentence structure, and overall prose don't convey the sense of excitement you are seeking, then using an exclamation mark won't do it. If your writing conveys your sense of excitement, an exclamation point is, well, pointless.

Writing Tip #3: Make sure your writing is grammatically correct. You don't need the skills of an English teacher to use correct grammar. You simply need to learn the basics -- verbs and subjects agree in number, for example. That is, "he was" is correct; "they were" is correct. To say "they was" is incorrect. If you are not sure about using grammar, especially if English isn't your "first" language, go to some good reference sites for fundamental English grammar and usage. (If you are writing in another language, the same advice holds true for that language.) Invest in a good, basic grammar book or style manual. Check with any bookstore, online or offline, and you can find one.

4. When you finish some writing, put it aside for a couple of hours or days (if possible), then re-read it before you let go of it. Of course, if you're writing or dictating a business letter or other "time-sensitive" document, this may not be possible. If you set your article or story aside for a day, then re-read it, you may notice glaring errors or want to make significant changes. And you thought before you had finished. Many writers and teachers have commented that all true writing is done in the rewriting. Take that advice to heart and you will significantly improve your writing.

These four steps, rechecking your spelling, taking care with punctuation, watching for fundamental grammar errors, and rewriting, will improve your writing. They are proven tools used by every wordsmith.

About The Author
Jesse Dawson recommends using to improve your writing and fix embarrassing grammar mistakes. Dawson is the author of "Can YOU Read Me Now?," a free e-book on using readability formulas to write better, available at

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How to Write Articles Effectively: Article Writing Skills

If you know how to write articles effectively, so that they do the job you want them to do, then any time you have the need you will be able to write an article to achieve your objective. Article writing skills are learned, and how quickly you learn depends upon your teacher.

People write articles for a large number of reasons and those that do it well will generally achieve what they set out to achieve. In the world of internet marketing this will normally be to market or advertise a website or product. However, it is the 'doing it well' that is the problem for most people, and no matter how hard you try or how good a writer you believe yourself to be, internet article writing is more than simply putting a few words together in a sensible way.

However, before you think of using articles to promote or try to sell your products, or even attract visitors to your websites, you will have to stand back a bit and consider what it is you are doing, and what the purpose of the article is. Before you start writing you need a clear idea in your head of your objective. If you are writing an article for submission to article directories and ezines, you will not generally be permitted to promote any specific product, or provide a link to your website in the body of the article.

Your success, therefore, depends upon your ability to persuade readers to visit the website for which you provide a link in the 'author's resource' that generally appears at the end of your article. Nobody will click on that link unless they believe that:

a) You really know what you are talking about and can help them with their problems or answer their questions, or

b) They believe that your website is going to give them the extra information they are seeking.

Like any other skill, knowing how to write articles effectively has to be learned - it doesn't 'come naturally', and even the best novelists have no idea what is needed. Writing articles in the world of internet marketing is a totally different skill to writing professionally for public consumption. The use of language is different, and the semantic approach to content is totally divorced from the type of writing of which Tom Clancy or Agatha Christie were masters.

That is what you have to learn: article writing skills, and how to write articles effectively for submission to article directories and for content on your own website. In fact, your article could end up as content on somebody else's website, and how cool is that! If you don't understand what I mean by that, then you still have a lot to learn about writing articles to ensure your online success.

It is well beyond the scope of this article to teach how to write articles to meet Google's needs, and to enable them to act as adverts for your websites, products and services. I mention Google specifically since it is by far the largest search engine on the internet, and most of the others use Google's standards and methods of assessing web pages for publication in its listings.

In fact, Google have taken a very positive attitude to articles that are well written and used both as website content and published on article directories. Even duplicate content between a number of article directories appears to take a long time to be noticed by Google.

Once you have learned how to write articles effectively, and have the article writing skills needed for effective internet and article marketing, then you will have a tool in your hands that you will be able to use again and again to force your websites up the listings, attract masses of traffic and provide you with results that no other form of advertising could approach with the results you will achieve.

About The Author
Pete is a master at writing articles in a way that will achieve whatever it is that you want your articles to achieve for you. Learn the secrets that he uses daily from and get a free writing and SEO course simply for looking at what he can do for you. 

InfoBarrel: Best Online Writing Site

I want to talk to you today about what I consider the best online writing site for making money and for community support. I joined InfoBarrel several months ago and have found the site to be the absolute best for writing articles online for income and exposure to your work. While InfoBarrel isn’t as popular as some other writing sites it has something going for it that many other sites lack. InfoBarrel has a writing community that in my opinion is second to none in the online writing industry and it gets better every day.

The community at InfoBarrel helps one another and the forums are always full with great discussions about making money with articles and about InfoBarrel itself. The site administration is always around in the forums to answer questions and they are constantly trying to improve the website. The owners know that when the writers succeed, InfoBarrel will succeed. They just recently offered a Google map feature for articles which is perfect for location based articles such as travel pieces. When they make changes they explain things very well and make you the writer, feel valued. With the other sites I wrote for I never felt like I was part of a writing family, in fact, I never knew who the owners of the site were at all.

I have looked at many different writing sites and tried a vast majority of them. I am sticking with InfoBarrel and I invite any writers who want to feel like a part of an online writing community to give InfoBarrel a try. Once you join be sure to stop by the forums and get to know the wonderful people in this growing online writing community. Join InfoBarrel today.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ideas For Ebooks

One of the new way is to make money with your writing is to write ebooks.  Most of these books are meant to convey information in small easy to understand segments.  Ideas for ebooks include: guitar playing, cooking, Internet Marketing, web design, or other subjects that might interest you. Once you write you can sell ebooks online in many different places such as your website, your blog, or on other sites like Amazon.  This is one of the new unique ways to earn money online.  People from all walks of life and professions are creating ebooks and making a living with their writing. People are very interested in purchasing these books because they are usually less expensive than a regular book that you would buy from your regular book store.

You may be stuck with finding ideas for ebooks but all you need to do is look to your own life and experiences.  Most people have some specialized skill that they can write about and turn into a very good ebook that people would buy.  You of course need to spend quite some time deciding exactly what you want to write about but once you have your idea it shouldn't take you that long to write and sell ebooks that you have authored.  There are many guides online for writing but one of the best I have found is called How to Write and Sell Ebooks by Scott Boyd.  I recommend you try his ebook guide.  I'm sure that once you finish his guide you will have many ideas for ebooks you could write.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself


It’s not difficult to find resources on writing novels.  It’s not hard to find classes and books on novel writing.  But it IS difficult to find a full, step-by-step novel writing system that will lead you all the way from idea to finished product.  It's also hard to find a system priced right.

Most novel writing systems either give you only some of what is required to write a good novel, or they cost hundreds of dollars. Author Andrea Rains Waggener saw this void in the novel writing information arena and decided to put her knowledge to use.  She wrote a set of e-books that lays out a complete, plan for writing a novel.

The Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself writing system is  two e-books.  One book is a 184-page information packed instruction manual for planning and starting your novel.  The other book is 97-page taskbook that walks you through the actions you can do to practice what you learned from the manual.  The Novel Writing Made Easy System is an organized, easy-to-follow system that will teach you how to turn an idea into a completed novel.

 The Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself writing system covers these aspects of putting together a novel:
  • Brainstorming your story’s action.
  • Developing a plot.
  • Creating subplots that will make your novel engaging.
  • Developing the back story that make your characters every bit as real as you or me.
  • Creating complete main character sketches and minor character sketches that give your characters vivid life.
  • Creating a compelling overall novel setting that makes your book stand out 
  • Determining what research you need to do.
  • Designing the scenes of your novel so the pacing is right.
  • Writing in a way that evokes your reader's senses.
  • Choosing the best words to  so that your writing is polished and professional
  • Creating a perfect balance of details, so that your reader always has a clear picture of your scenes.
  • Writing a query letter for your novel.
  • Writing a 15 to 25 page synopsis of your novel.
Although saying that your novel will write itself if you follow the steps in the e-books is a bit of a stretch, the process does make writing a novel easier.  Andrea admits that her process isn’t as fast as some online novel writing e-book authors promise bu  she says that her system will take you to a quality book.

The e-book set has only one minor drawback.  It will be tough for you to know if you’re on track with the tasks you’re doing in the taskbook without getting feedback.  Andrea, however, does have a coaching system that can help with that, and she provides information about it in the e-books.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Making Money As A Writer

Making Money as a Writer

As a writer you might become discouraged at how difficult it can be to make a living. You have heard the term “starving writer.” It’s difficult to break into the publishing business, get assignments, write a book, are more importantly, get yourself published. Thankfully with the Internet there are more opportunities than ever to make some money with your writing without going through the painful process of trying to get published with traditional methods. In this guide we’ll look at how to make money as a writer with both traditional methods of publishing and by using the Internet to get your words noticed in cyberspace.

Making Money as a Writer – Get Some Training

While you can write and be successful without any training at all, you should at least attempt to take some basic writing courses so you know what to do in different situations. If you’re going to publish something in a magazine or write a book, you’ll need to know the basics before you attempt to write anything. The publishing industry changes all the time and you need to keep one step ahead of it all. Look to your local college or university for some writing courses. You can even find many single courses for little money you can take online which will help you learn all you can about the craft of writing.

How To Make Money as a Writer – Freelance Online

There are many websites online that are hiring freelance writer such as ODesk or Elance. With these sites you can apply for writing jobs and then get hired by various employers. These jobs are all short-term but you can get some longer contracts. These sites have special tests you can take to demonstrate to your employer that you have the right skills to match the job in question. Freelancing is a great place to start if you want to begin making money as a writer using the Internet.

Make Money Writing With Content Sites

There are other sites online that will pay you a share of advertising revenues or small upfront payments to write for them. You can usually write about what you want and it’s a perfect place to showcase your writing abilities especially in regards to short, easy to read Internet articles. I write for sites such as InfoBarrel, Hubpages and Brighthub where I make some income with my article writing. You should check out some of these sites and see if you could contribute articles to them. You can sign up for InfoBarrel here.

Money as a Writer Get Published

It’s difficult to get published but if you keep at it you’ll be successful. Aim small and try to get published in local magazines and newspapers first before you try to publish the grand novel you have. Get some training under your belt and take small steps with your writing. Send queries to magazines and see what happens. Be sure to check out what the magazines require before submitting anything.

You Can Begin Making Money as a Writer

Keep writing and never stop and over time you’ll see results. Try writing online for sites like InfoBarrel while you look for your big break in the business.  Good luck with all your writing projects and I hope you land that big contract soon. Just make sure you write interesting articles and keep working at it. if you are lucky maybe you'll land a book deal or get some articles published in a magazine.

Creative Writing Tips

Do you love to write? 

A new idea hits you. You feel excited about it. And you know it would make a great piece of writing. But many people have great ideas but never write about them. Some will get off to a big, start and then will quit midway. Only a few will see their writing dreams fulfilled in the end.

Sure writing takes creativity, imagination and talent. And it also takes determination. But it takes something else that often gets overlooked: Writing Technique.
Somehow when it comes to writing, people assume they can do it on their own but to write on a professional level and get published- that takes the right tools.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Essential Guide On How To Start Writing Your Book

The dream of writing a book and publishing it is something the average person often dreams about. Even people who don't consider themselves good writers secretly wish they could be but the thought of writing a book holds the person back.There are just so many different things to think about that it can be impossible to know were to begin.

The Ready Steady Write ebook is something you can refer back to whenever you want in order to fulfill your dream of writing something and having it published.  It covers the information you need t  know about how to start this process. Just imagine the day when you can sit back with your published book in your hands and feel incredibly proud at what you have achieved.

Magic Article Rewriter And Magic Article Submitter

Very High Conversions! Elite Article Marketing Tools - Save Up To 70% Of Time On Article Rewriting And Spinning And Submit Your Article To 700! Article Directories In 5 Minutes.

There are tons of ways to generate traffic and build your business or practice online. There are new slick marketing ideas popping up all the time, one after another, claiming to be the next best thing.
However, one of the easiest, proven, most time-tested ways to attract new business and more traffic to your site is to become a sought after authority and gain expert status in your field. 
One of the biggest secrets that the top marketers don't talk a lot about is the fact that they ALL have built their credibility, visibility, and their lists of gold by writing articles.

Fire Up Your Income As A Freelance Writer

"Fire Up Your Income As A Freelance Writer." Write For Top-paying Magazines And The Web. One Of The Country's Top Freelancers Shares The Secrets Of Starting And Succeeding.

It's an inside-the-biz guide that steers you clear of the shark-infested waters that gobble up and spit out most wannabe writers. I show you the shortcuts to earning good money quickly. My hard-learned secrets and stealth tactics will save you a ton of pain and frustration.

Writer's Resource Guide To Online Writing For Money

Learn How To Supplement Or Substitute Your Present Monthly Income Writing Articles Online. This Ebook Provides Tips, Tricks And Information On Many Of The Most Popular Article Submission Sites That Will Pay You To Submit Articles. Free Bonus Report!

Make $100-200 a Day as A Freelance Writer

Our age doesn't matter, your educational background doesn't matter, your experience doesn't matter. Proof? Students, stay-at-home moms and laid off workers have told me how well the plan discussed here worked for them. Read their heartfelt testimonials below.

 From the Desk of Freelance Writer Yuwanda Black

Are you looking for work right now? Do you want an easy way to make money from home that is real -- no bull, no fluff, just the facts, please? Then do I have a real career opportunity for you! After learning the details, you can literally be bringing in clients within 24 hours. Read on for how and why. Become a freelance writer now.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Improving Your Articles Part II

You can write better articles with some simple steps. Take the time to make your writing the best it can be.

Your Knowledge

One of the easiest ways to make better articles is to write about what you have knowledge in. Everyone has some sort of talent and it’s only fitting to write about things you are good at or have fun doing. You may be a gardener, guitar player, or like to fix things. Take your knowledge about these topics and turn them into articles or short stories. When you come up with new ideas make a list of them on your computer so you can draw from them when your stuck with not having anything to write about.


If you’re going to write you need to read all the time, especially when novel writing. You need to know as much about your genre as possible so read popular works. If you’re doing articles make sure to research topics fully to gain a batter understanding of the topic. This process will help you with magazine writing. When you’re not writing you should be reading something to gent an insight into how other authors approach various topics or stories.

Write All The Time

Your writing will improve if you are always writing. Look back at some of your early works and see how far you have come along. Write out a book, do more articles, create short stories, just keep the writing process going. Over time you’ll improve and it will show up in your work. You can’t become a great writer without actually working on the craft of writing.  Plan to write each and every day and keep it going week after week.

It's a  Job

Improve your writing by treating it as a job. Get u at a set time and sit down to write or if you work, plan to write after work. Take the time to treat writing as a job and you'll accomplish more. This will improve your writing over time since you're putting in the same effort you would for a regular job. Set yourself deadlines such as writing x number of words per day and work towards that goal.

Get Training

Take a writing course to improve your overall writing skills. Go for grammar classes, story writing, or just general writing classes. You don't have to spend a fortune just take the time to get additional training in writing  it will make you better and you'll learn more about the craft in general.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eliminate Writer Procrastination

Some writers have a difficult time writing and put assignments on the side and leave them to the last minute.  A writer can suffer procrastination with their work and not produce what is required for them to succeed.

It’s Not Writer's Block

Procrastination when it comes to writing is not the same thing as writer’s block. When you have writers block you can’t come up with ideas even when you want to write. With writers procrastination you have those ideas in your head but keep putting off your writing in and do other activities.

Writing Fear

Part of your writer's procrastination is a fear of writing and not creating anything you think is good enough. Part of being writer is to accept rejection because it happens to all writers even established ones. Sit down and just start writing, about whatever is in your head and don’t worry about what is on the page. Just the process of writing can help you clear your mind and actually want to write more.

Get Organized

If you have a plan about your writing you have something you can be working on and not wasting time. Don't allow yourself to get distracted when you write. This is easy to do with television, the Internet, and cell-phones. Close your office door and turn off anything has the potential to distract you. Let your family know that you plan to write and tell them to leave you alone unless it is absolutely necessary to bother you.


Focus on your work and not the other things that are distracting you. To be a writer you have to actually write without fear of the result. Sit down and start the process of getting thoughts out of your head.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Write Then Edit

When you write you will make errors and you’ll need to fix grammar, spelling and other typos. Writers can struggle during this process spending too much time editing and not enough time writing the article or story until it’s done.

When Writing Books

When you are writing a book you should focus your efforts into writing the book. Don’t worry about errors just get your thoughts onto the computer screen and write the book. Don’t dwell over passages or dialogue since this just wastes valuable writing time. Stay focused on your writing until it’s done and then go back and look it over. Reading your work before it’s done will lead to frustration and you’ll be tempted to write slowly and nitpick at yourself. Spend time away from your book and go back once you’re fresh to edit it.  Work on it until you are satisfied with it but at some point you’ll have to submit it. It most likely will come back if accepted and need more work so be prepared for it.

Writing Online

If you write online you’ll see both great writing and articles that are poor. Your job is to make your articles great with some proper editing. Writing online can make your writing sloppy since your not working with an editor in most cases. Write your article until it is done then go back and edit it to fix errors and make sure the article or story reads well. Just remember that many people may read your work so do your best to present the best article you can when you submit it to the online world.


Write out your article, story, or book before you decide to edit it. You’ll accomplish more writing if you don’t stop all the time to edit things. Get the thoughts out onto the screen and then be an editor. You’ll save yourself time and get more writing done in the process.

Improving Your Online Articles

The Internet has opened up many opportunities for writers. As the web continues to grow there is a demand for written content and a writer can find work in many areas. Online writing requires a writer to make articles that are well written and of high quality. Since anyone can write on the Internet these points are often overlooked. There are several ways a writer can improve their writing online.
Writing Shorter Articles
Articles online are generally shorter than the average article found in regular print. You need to take larger articles and compact them to fit into websites, blogs and other sites. Articles should fit on one screen, yet contain all the necessary information. You will find larger articles if they are highly technical in nature, but most online writing will be short and to the point. A short article will grab the addition of readers online and publishers may even buy the article from you if it is good.
Check Your Spelling and Grammar
Most word processors have spell checkers so there’s no excuse for spelling errors in online writing. Take time to go over the article in your word processor using the spell checker and then again with your eye to pick out additional errors the spell checker missed. You should do this multiple times before submitting your work to the online world. A thesaurus can be helpful to change words and make the article more appealing and for variety in your article. For some articles you may need to repeat keywords and use SEO so the article can be picked up by search engines. If your article is for a client, make sure you know exactly what they want before you write.
Go over your article and look for any errors involving names, dates, and places. These common mistakes the spell checker won't pick up, it’s up to you. Be sure to double check arithmetic data for accuracy. If you quote any sources get the proper website address, email and other contact information.  Be sure to go over your article at least twice before you submit it.
Improve your writing with organization. Create folders on your computer for topics, keep contact lists, and set up reminders for what you need to accomplish in a day. Make backups of your materials so you don't lose work when your computer malfunctions. An external hard drive is perfect for this purpose.
Online writing can keep you busy and earn you money. Keep your articles short, check each article for accuracy, and other errors. Keep your writing organized and most importantly just write.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Write For InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel is a great website for writers looking to display their writing and make some extra cash doing it. The site has a good community of supportive writers who will help you find your way around the site.

InfoBarrel pays by Adsense, Chitika, and with Amazon. You’ll need to sign up with one or more of those services to make money through InfoBarrel. The site has an easy to use editor where you can add pictures, videos, and blocks of text. This writer content site is moving up the ranks of Alexa and becoming a popular site on the Internet so there’s growth here for new writers to get themselves established on the site with their articles.

As a new member, I have found the site to be an excellent place for my articles and well worth the time to keep writing there. The helpful community keeps me there and I’m making some money in the process too. Sign up for InfoBarrel now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Make Income Writing Online

The life of a writer is usually thought of as one where the person starves and at one time this was the case, but now with the Internet it is possible for a writer to make income on a daily basis. The writer doesn't to wait for work to be approved and they can write each day tomake money. This is done by writing online articles for the web and getting paid for each and every one of them.

Online Writing

If you are struggling to make money as a writer there's plenty opportunities on the Internet to increase your income . Websites will pay you to write articles for them and may give you a small fee for each article or pay you a percentage of advertising revenue that is generated when your article receives viewers. The more articles that you are able to write the more money you can potentially make. The idea with online writing is to go for high volumes of articles with quality content. The best place to accomplish this is websites such as Helium, Hubpages, Infobarrel and many others.You probably won't get rich writing on Helium but you can make daily money on your writing instead of nothing.

If you are just writing to get published in magazines you are missing out on the many places on the Internet that will pay you right now for your work. These websites typically require articles that are under 1000 words and it's usually less. If you can write a clear article websites online will pay you for the work and many will share the advertising revenue with you. These opportunities alos give you the chance to build up large portfolio of work that may help you land an even bigger job down the road.

If you're a struggling writer, try the Internet for some steady income. While you might not make it rich you can make daily income off your work if you start online article writing today.

The Parts of A Great Article

A great article has three key parts to it and while it might seem simple, it can confuse many writers. Learning how to construct a proper beginning, middle, and ending to your article can make your work stand out from the average article.

The Beginning

The introduction to your article often called “the lead” gives your reader an incentive to keep reading your article. What is in it for the reader to view your article? Your introduction is usually short and to the point but makes, people want to keep reading. The whole idea is to hook the reader into your article. In magazine and newspaper, writing the hook or lead is very important since the reader has other material to choose from in the publication. The last thing you want to do is bore your reader or send them to another article. With online writing, the introduction might be very simple. It’s up to the writer to decide exactly how they want to approach their lead or hook.

The Middle

In the middle of the article, the writer gets down to work and explains what they are trying to say. The middle should contain the key points of the article and fully describe each point. Move from point to point and don’t ramble on when you are writing as you might do if speaking, since this will only confuse your reader. Make sure you include the proper names, dates, data and other information in the middle of your article and that it’s accurate. The middle of the article can have headings but often this isn’t necessary. When writing online it’s sometimes nice to have headings since reading tend to skim over articles and headings will make them stop at the key points they re interested in. The middle typical has a few paragraphs but don’t make it too long either. Write in terms ordinary people can understand unless the article is very technical and you’re only trying to reach that audience. Don’t use shortcuts without fully explaining what they are. So for example if you put something like LOL in your article make sure you write out (laughing out loud) so the next time your reader comes across it in the article the person knows what you’re talking about.

The Conclusion or Ending

You should end your article with a bit of a summary covering the key points in the article or send your reader to find other information on the subject which is helpful when online writing since you can link to some of your other work and keep the person reading your material. The ending isn’t as important as the beginning or middle of the article but provides a conclusion so the reader doesn’t expect anything else.

Write Great Articles

You can write great articles with a beginning, middle and ending. Make sure your beginning has a hook or lead and flesh out the bulk of the article in the middle section. The conclusion should summarize the article and end it. With hard work you’ll be creating articles on a daily basis that are easy to read and keep readers coming back for more.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Making Money As A Writer

Writers can use several methods to mmake money with their writing. It will take time and dedication to your craft to achieve success. Here are several tips to help you increase writing earnings.

Organize your work area so you can get more work done. With organization you can find things faster, write more articles, and get more done in less time. Keep your computer organized with folders for work you are doing, your writing contacts and other information. Start a "to-do" pile, and have a "finished pile." Use an organizer and write down all the writing asignments you want o complete ina day. Set deadlines for yourself and stick too them.

You can't earn income unless you actually write. Try to write each day and keep to that schedule. Take a notepad or electronic device with you  to jot down writing ideas. Make writing a natural part of your day and treat it as the job that it is. Write in your free time insstead of watching T.V. or browsing the Internet.

Keep sending out query letters to multiple places even when you receive rejection letters from editors. Keep your ideas flowing and the opportunities will come your way when you least expect them. The more queries you send out, the better the chances you'll get accepted and have an assignment. When not working on queries, try writing online with freelance sites or writing content sites for additional income opportunities.

Your local area may be a great place to start writing. You could write for local publications to get valuable experience in the business. This could open the door for you in ways you never expected.

Writing online can provide you with many opportunities. Many sites will share advertising revenues with you or upfront payments for your work. You can find jobs that are updated on a daily basis on  freelance websites for steady income. Writing online is becoming  popular and a great starting point for writers to start earning income.

If you are a writer you need to be an avid reader too. Read books about writing, visit websites, and be willing to keep learning. Read all the books and magazines on your topics as possible. Save clippings of articles you to stimulate your creativity

You can make good money writing but you must work hard. Get organized and write something each day. Send out queries and look for local area job opportunities. Go online and explore the options available to writers. Read as much as possible and always be open to learn as much as possible about your craft. Writing may be a struggle but the rewards can we well worth all the effort.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reasons To Write Online

People write articles online for a variety of reasons. In the past a writer only had the option to submit articles tonewspapers or magazines which made it difficult for the writer to make money due to the competition from the established writers. The submission process took a long time and rejection happened all the time. With the internet, a writer has many new opportunities to get material to their audience in shorter periods of time.

Writer Exposure

Many writers use online articles for writer exposure. Writers can submit articles to sites such as article databases or web writing content sites and these articles may attract the attention of publishers or other web developers interested in material. Writing articles online allows the writer to create large volumes of work and have these articles submitted to many different sites which would be very difficult with traditional writing methods. There are hundreds of different article sites that a writer can submit work to. This exposure increases the chance that the writer may get better writing assignments from publishers. Other writers may submit articles just to get their voice and opinion heard by large numbers of people.

Articles For Income

With the internet there has been an explosion in the demand for articles and content. Many web developers require  articles to keep their websites current and competitive. Sites online now offer the article writer a chance to generate income from their articles without going through a traditional publisher. Many writers are using this opportunity to make money. When submitting materials to publications the time a writer waits for approval or pay once accepted can be quite long. Article writing online offers pay on a steady basis and payment monthly. While the pay can be quite low with individual articles, the potential to make money a large volume of work is attractive. Most sites offer a share of advertising revenue generated for the viewing of these articles.

Writing For Personal Improvement

Many writers use online article writing as a way to improve their writing and gain experience. These articles are often viewed by other writers which be an opportunity for a less experienced writer to learn more about writing. The writer can join online communities, or other groups, and friendships can be made. By writing articles online a writer doesn't have to feel alone in the wilderness of writing.

Writing articles online offers a writer  new ways to get information to a wide audience.Articles writing allows for greater exposure, income opportunities, and the writer gets paid while learning the craft.

Improve Your Writing With a Writing Course

If you want to become better at writing you need to take a writing course. This is important if you're a beginner writer because a writing course will give you the tools to succeed in the writing world. When I wanted to become a writer it was a course that got me on the right track towards my writing dreams.

Long Ridge Writers Group

When I joined the Long Ridge Writers Group I didn't know what to expect.  I send in a sample of my writing that they requested and waited to hear back from them. When I got accepted by them I was happy and it started my journey all for under $1000.00CAD. I received several writing books from them including a book on grammar editing, a magazine market book, an Internet resources book among others. Each student has a real life author assigned to them and not just a writing teacher. Each teacher is an accomplished author with multiple writing credits to their name.

The course consisted of twelve assignments and plenty of work. I am currently on lesson eleven doing a revision on the assignment. Over the months of my course I have learned so much about the craft of writing. I have learned the hook, the anecdote, how to write a short-story, how to craft an article, and how to write a query letter. My instructor has given me helpful advice and shown me where my writing needs work. Each assignment is sent back edited by the instructor so you can see how changing a few words or a different title would work better. it's tough to see your writing covered in ink but you learn so much from the process.

I would recommend that all new writers take some type of writing course because you will see vast improvements in your writing whether you want to write online or a book. You will become a better writer.

Writing Quality Articles

Writing Quality Articles

Writing a great article takes several steps and by following these steps you'llsoon write great articles for your website, blog, content site, or for magazines.

Write about what you know first. It makes sense to sit down and write about things you have knowledge in. This process allows you to quickly write your article while spending less time thinking about what you want to say. Make a list of things  you already have knowledge in and begin writing from this list. When you run out of ideas you can do research in other areas and get the creative process going again.

Draft out your ideas quickly and don't concern yourself with spelling or words, just get your ideas down. Focus on the thoughts in your head. Make a list of your ideas or points and briefly describe each. Later youcan form these ideas into paragraphs.

Make sure facts, figures and other information is correct. There is nothing worse then an article with misleading or information. Research and make sure you are clear on all your facts, dates, names, numbers and other data. This is important and makes you look professional. Spend extra time on topics you are unfamiliar with to keep your articles as accurate as possible. Check your article for spelling mistakes and proper grammar. Use the spell check on your computer frequently. Try not to overuse words, unless you are writing the article for keyword placement in a search engine. Watch for properly spaced paragraphs and avoid long paragraphs that are hard to read. Don't put words you want to emphasize in all caps as this looks like an amateur wrote the article. Read over every part of the article until you are satisfied with it.

Rewrite your article with proper form by starting with an introduction to the article, followed by the body which contains the facts and points of the article. Finish the article with a simple conclusion about the article content. This can also include links to further information if you wish. Writing like this fashion makes the article easier to read. Avoid going from point to point in a jumbled, ramble style of writing.

Check your article for spelling mistakes and proper grammar. Use the spell check on your computer frequently. Try not to overuse words, unless you are writing the article for keyword placement in a search engine. Watch for properly spaced paragraphs and avoid long paragraphs that are hard to read. Don't put words you want to emphasize in all caps as this looks like an amateur wrote the article. Read over every part of the article until you are satisfied with it.

By writing about what you know, paying attention to the article quality and content of your work. Follow these steps and you're are well on your way to creating professional, quality articles.